Robert Mapplethorpe - Dream

A Dream of Beauty
Clark Ashton Smith

I dreamed that each most lovely, perfect thing
That nature hath, of sound and form and hueŚ
The winds, the grass, the light-concentering dew,
The gleam and swiftness of the sea-bird's wing;
Blueness of sea and sky, and gold of storm
Transmuted by the sunset, and the flame
Of autumn-colored leaves, before me carne,
And, meeting, merged to one diviner form.

Incarnate Beauty 'twas, whose spirit thrills
Through glaucous ocean and the greener hills,
And in the cloud-bewildered peaks is pent.
Her face the light of fallen planets wore,
But as I gazed, in doubt and wonderment,
Mine eyes were dazzled, and I saw no more.

I always dreamed of being beautiful. I wanted to look and be provocative, luscious, stunning. Like Debby Harry. But as I gaze now at the woman I am, I see and dream no more of illusions.